Guide for Good Practice in Assessment

assessmentScenario: I am asked to create the final examination.

Issues: Am I the right person to write the questions for this examination? Am I ready? What should I include (and leave out) of the exam? How hard should I write it? How hard should I grade it?

Help, I'm lost!

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Assessment - by Jim Tognolini


Is assessment valid? Should a student's progress be measured against their peers, or against their own development during the course? Should we "grade to the curve"? What does a "pass" mean?

This paper by Jim Tognolini outlines some of the background information that we need to improve assessment practices.

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Service Learning: from Curriculum to Volunteerism

service learning

The students were enrolled in a class where they needed to learn Macromedia Flash. The lecturer saw this as an opportunity to get the students involved in voluntary welfare organisations - and learn Flash at the same time.

Read how it was done - and the outcomes.

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Disruptive Educational Technologies


The MP3 player is an example of a disruptive technology. It has changed the music industry forever.

One example of an educational disruptive technology is e-Learning. What impact will it have on education? Will it send the traditional classroom into oblivion?

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