Effective Design Principles For Activity-Based Learning


A learning object can provide the learner with an activity that brings together thinking, doing and learning. In this paper, Daniel Churchill discusses how learning objects can be designed for effective learning in science and engineering.

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Guide for Good Practice in Assessment

assessmentScenario: I am asked to create the final examination.

Issues: Am I the right person to write the questions for this examination? Am I ready? What should I include (and leave out) of the exam? How hard should I write it? How hard should I grade it?

Help, I'm lost!

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Assessment - by Jim Tognolini


Is assessment valid? Should a student's progress be measured against their peers, or against their own development during the course? Should we "grade to the curve"? What does a "pass" mean?

This paper by Jim Tognolini outlines some of the background information that we need to improve assessment practices.

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Service Learning: from Curriculum to Volunteerism

service learning

The students were enrolled in a class where they needed to learn Macromedia Flash. The lecturer saw this as an opportunity to get the students involved in voluntary welfare organisations - and learn Flash at the same time.

Read how it was done - and the outcomes.

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