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Infusing Design Thinking & Service-Learning into the Diploma in Clean Energy Management

The new curriculum design in Diploma for Clean Energy Management (CEM) enabled students to see the relevance of what they are learning in class to the real world, and how this knowledge can be put into the practical use in the industry by getting students to work on real-world issue with industry partners.  Students are required to work closely with their industry partners where they begin to develop a “user-centric” mind-set as the project development begins with understanding or empathising with the needs of the user and working with them closely to develop practical engineering solutions that would serve the users’ needs. Eventually, students would also use the Design Thinking process when working on projects with the community enabling them to “serve” using their knowledge and “learn” from the community at the same time. This transfer of knowledge is demonstrated in the students’ Service-Learning project with the Senior Activity Centre where students that applied their Design Thinking process to observe and understand the needs of the seniors before proposing solutions that could help to better manage their day-to-day challenges.

This new design of the CEM curriculum is very different from the more traditional approach where engineering education is more focused on the acquisition of the content knowledge and skills.  To find out more about how this new curriculum design is being implemented in CEM, click on the link below.

This paper was presented at ISATE 2016, Sendai, Japan.

Infusing Design Thinking & Service-Learning into the Diploma in Clean Energy Management